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LURITS Accredited Software System

School Scheduler is a South African developed software system that addresses key school administrative issues and easing the burden on Timetable, Marks and Finance. The system is accredited to interface with LURITS which makes it easy for school to submit their information directly to LURITS and receive feedback timeously.

Its user friendliness and comprehensive features has made it popular software of choice in schools around the country.

The other good thing is that you can take the system in modules at the time which are fully integrated viz. Timetable,Marks, Library and Finance.





Last UPDATED 03 Nov 2017

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Scheduler Finance

·         A Journal or records of transactions in which all cash receipts and payments (including bank deposits and withdrawals) are recorded.

·         Keeps Cash disbursement journal in which all cash payments (such as accounts payable, operating expenses, petty cash purchases) are recorded,

·         Keeps Cash receipts journal in which all cash receipts (such as accounts receivable, school fees) are recorded.

·         Generate financial statements and general ledger reporting.

·         This Cash book should regularly be reconciled with the bank statements as an internal auditing measure.

·         Manage and monitor School Fees payments.


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Once-Off payment of R5000 each, R8000 for two,R11500 for three or R15000 for all.

Free telephone and email support through out.

School Scheduler. FNB Cheque Acc 62214970982 Rivonia (250355)


Sugestions of improvement are more that welcomed. If you encounter any bug or error on this application please feel free to report it and will be fixed on the next upgrade.