Simplicity Defined

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  • User friendly Help. Just move the mouse over any item you want to know.
  • Split Combinations To cater for different complicated split combination.
  • Will even help you to determine which subjects should form a split per grade.
  • To allow the same school to have different periods for different days/classes.
  • Different minutes (duration) for different periods.
  • You can also allocate minutes to subjects and periods, then Scheduler draws a timetable accordingly.
  • It produces unique timetable every time you generate. Same school settings but different timetables to choose from.
  • Network enabled. You can store database in your network and share it with other teachers.
  • Easy to use - Just add your school information and leave the rest to the computer.
  • Just click the Subject and its Teacher then add to class for allocation.
  • Export to Excel.
  • Import data from any csv file.
  • Subjects are evenly distributed per cycle to ensure continuity.
  • Learner Timetable specific to individual learner.
  • Move periods around. Copy and Paste subjects from one slot to another.
  • Substitute teacher period-by-period without drawing a new timetable.
  • Relief Table - saves you time each day by organising the daily task of covering
    for absent colleagues.
  • Produce the list of free teachers per period any day anytime.
  • View or Print entire school composite timetable.
  • Produce teacher timetable with specific subjects and classes.
  • Produce class timetable with Teacher Names and Subjects per period.
  • You can print or save as pdf for emailing.
  • Help you analyse the percentage workload per teacher.
  • Maintain teacher information i.e. Qualifications, Training, Teaching History.
  • If you do not like the current table, just draw another one.
    Do not change the settings. Every timetable is guaranteed to be unique.